Australia and New Zealand with Carol

New Horizons Travel owner Carol and her travelers had an excellent time on their 3-week journey through Australia, New Zealand and a short stop in Fuji. Australia was lovely. New Zealand won hearts and Carol found a new way of saying "New Zealand" - you should ask her about how they say "New Zealand" in New Zealand! If you think living in California is expensive, try New Zealand. As our travelers experienced, everything is expensive. Carol mentioned that it could run about $15 for a hamburger...nothing special, just a plain jane hamburger! Their dollar is stronger than ours so that makes it even more pricey. What is priceless are these pictures and memories...

(Photos courtesy of Phil and Betty Schlangen)

Alice Springs in Australia.

Anzac Hill honors members of the armed forces during World War I.
For more information about Anzac Hill,
visit About-Australia

This one's from the "real" Outback - it's nothing like the Outback Steakhouse around here!

NHT owner Carol (4th from left) and NHT staff Marge (6th from left)
at a hosted dinner in Christchurch.

Dinner at Christchurch.

Our group!

As our travelers return home and settle in from the long flight, we'll post more photos of this South Pacific journey! Stay tuned...

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