Viking Ocean Cruise Review

Photo Courtesy of Viking Ocean Cruises

Our Worldwide Travel Consultant, Marie returned from her second ocean cruise this year on VIKING OCEAN CRUISES, and as with the first, had an absolutely wonderful experience.

She shared her highlights with us:

Our cruise itinerary was based on a Fall Foliage Tour and is entitled "Eastern Seaboard Explorer," a 12-day sailing from New York to Montreal. I flew to New York the day prior in order to have time to visit the 9/11 memorial. As expected, it was a very emotional morning but the entire museum was so well-designed that it was not only informative but also very inspiring. I would strongly recommend it to everyone.

All of the ports of call were interesting: from Boston, Halifax, Gaspe, etc. But one of my favorites was Saguenay, where we purchased the "Saguenay Highlights and Crafts" excursion. I would recommend to this light activity excursion to my friends and family.

Quebec City, a truly beautiful place (even though we saw it during a four-hour downpour), became the highlight of the cruise journey. The entire city was decorated using a Halloween theme and it was a spectacular "included" tour on the cruise.


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