Travel Consultant Brett's Bucket List

Everyone's got a bucket list! Here is our Travel Consultant's Brett Lopez's list. 

Photo courtesy of: National Geography

Bucket List #1: Cuba 

Cuba’s the hot destination but many of our travelers are wondering if that “old world charm” is suitable for the American traveler. Brett came up with a brilliant idea! See Cuba on a cruise. What we liked most about this method of travel is that it would give our travelers a “sample platter” of all the cultural wonders Cuba has to offer in a modern and comfortable setting. 

Bucket List #2: Iceland

Iceland is the perfect destination for someone looking to do something unexpected and out of the ordinary. According to our travelers, it’s the NEW interesting spot in the world. And Brett is on it!

Not only does Iceland offer a variety of treasures - from the slumbering volcanoes, world-renowned coast lines, and thermal spas to culture and history, but it is also one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rates are extremely low and medical care is excellent. 


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