2016 Comings and Goings

Lu, her daughters and granddaughter are back from their Celebrity Cruise. The ladies relaxed at Lake Como near George Clooney’s villa before boarding the cruise. They highly recommend a pre-cruise hotel stay to “get into vacation mode.”

Anna came back from a Holland America Alaska Cruise with a very exciting story! On her trip, she saw a bear walk right past her, went into the creek, caught a salmon, shook it off and walked away. All this within 10ft of her! What a sighting!

Jerry’s back in town from a 7-night Alaska Cruise on the Diamond Princess. He brought perfect weather with him - no rain, just beautiful scenery.

World travelers, Linda and Mary Ann joined the Masai ladies in a husband-hunting tribal dance in Kenya.

Marie and her husband are home from a back-2-back Princess Cruise in Europe. Their favorite stop was in Malta.


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