The Inside Track on Rail Travel

Rail travel seems to be the thing these days - we have had a surge of travelers coming into our office asking for information on rail travel and booking both rail services in North America and Europe. Fittingly, there was an article not long ago in one of many travel trade magazines - Travel Weekly. We have selected our favorite "secrets" to share with you.

"Every traveler loves the inside scoop that few others know about. Here are a few…

"Brown's Hotel,  London. Mayfair's luxe Victorian landmark offers a warm welcome. If the five star rates are too high, remember that London loves a power tea. At Brown's, the scones are baked as your arrive and the macaroons are s light you'd think they were low-cal. (You'd be wrong.)" Carol, owner of New Horizons Travel, has been at the Brown and has had afternoon tea in this elegant hotel. She reports that the Brown's Hotel is something very special and a quick (or long) stop there is worth memorable memories.

"Bord'eau, Amsterdam. Hotel de L'Europe, gleaming from a recent $90 million rehab, now has a Michelin-starred restaurant, Bord'eau, that caused a group of jaded travel writer to stop gabbing long enough to snap photos and take notes. Say yes to whatever the chef suggests…" Many of our travelers stop in Amsterdam for a night or two before connecting to their vacation destination. They always ask, "What should we do in Amsterdam?" And we always say - sightseeing the beautiful hotels, eat, drink, and be merry - unwind here and by the time you are headed off to wherever you're going next, you'll be in "vacation mode." The Bord'eau is not to be missed, have dinner there…it'll be one you'll remember fondly.

P.S. Carol thought she might share another little secret with you: Did you know that the word "denim" is an abbreviation of fabric de Nimes? Nimes, France that is.


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